Time Is Cold But Art Is Love

Time Is Cold But Art Is Love

Michael Keilmeier writes: This is "Time Is Cold But Art Is Love" (1973), considered by Beoddy to be his first important painting. It was the first in his "The Basketcase Chronicles" series. Beoddy began painting in a brightly colored, loosely drawn style, which was reminiscent of comic books and "underground" cartoons. He was fascinated at the prospect of bringing depth and substance to this kind of imagery through his complex painting technique. These early paintings often displayed a toy-like ambience, sometimes resembling candy-colored pinball machines of semi-hellish design and function.

On the back of this painting, written in capital letters with a pencil, are the words ‘BASKETCASE’ BY BEODDY. Perhaps this was Jim’s original title?

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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