Warlock Of Mars
Jim and his painting Arenas
Ohio State days

Artist’s Statement

In general, my work is a statement about the Self, and a portrait of reality as I am forced to see it. Most of my work was conceived in the necessity of Obsession and created in the face of Adversity, almost as if to prove that Art can thrive under any circumstances at all.

I believe that Art is the will, the soul, and the heart of Humanity asserting itself. Art is the eternal screaming of a voice that has never had any other kind of mouth. Art is the desperate attempt to love a life that isn't even worth living. Why? Because this is the only life we have, and it needs love.

The artist is much of the sensory and emotional apparatus, and, more importantly, the imagination, of Humanity Incarnate. A society without a culture, without free and expressive artists, is like a human being without a subconscious. Perhaps such a society can function, perhaps it can live; but it cannot dream--and, bereft of this ability, a society, like a person, cannot help going mad. Thus, the artist must exist as psychotherapist to the Body Politic.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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