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A Pledge Of Allegiance To The Blind Countries Of The One-Eyed King

A short poem about blind political allegiance.

Artificial Friday

The first page only.

Beoddy’s Americana

A 4 page black & white newsletter about the state of the arts in America.

Book Of The Damned

Read of Jim’s anger about life’s injustices. And his forgiveness.

Casual Ties

A poem about the connections that bind us to each other.

From The Other Side


Ghost Of A Chance

Jim’s brother stays up all night to view one of Jim’s visions.

GOBLINHOOD The Phantom Of Cafe Ashtray

A handout, from one of Jim’s live performances.

Lovestory, An Hysterical Romance

Experience the adventures of Dr. Valentine Lovestory and friends.

Movie Reviews

Handwritten reviews of two horror movies.

Nightmares For The Yesterday People

76 pages of illustrated stories and poems. Published in 1981.

Photos Of The Atrocities


Project Oberon

Jim documented his epic series of paintings that explored the role of gender identity in human society. Some pages are missing.

Sour Grapes Vol 2

Chim has a few things to say about Jim and his other-worldly personality.

Stories From 1978

A collection of nineteen short stories that Jim wrote in 1978..



Synchronaut’s Progress

An autobiographical poem.

Synchronicities and Other Convienient Framing Devices

An introduction by “Adam Heartman”.

Ultra People

A collection of six of Jim’s poem’s.

Variations on a Theme

By James Beoddy

...and then there was the dream about the universe where I was unable to die

it turned out that I had to go on living forever.

...and then there was the dream about the universe where I had never been/would never be born

somehow they had to just stagger along without me.

...and then there was the dream about the universe where I had been born, but only to eventually die

I’m still trying to wake up from that one.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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