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A Bugbear for the Hitnik Apocalypse

A story about global domination and the search for forbidden knowledge.

A close up view of the title page and a link to the story on Calameo.

A Martian Maze

Goblinhood is lost.

Good luck with this puzzle!

A Pie For A Guy

The Cosmic Weevil Doll has a surprise for former Ohio Governor Rhodes.


A Salute To A Great Artist

What a trip! Buckle your seat belt.

Twenty-two pages.

Acid Toons

Psychedelic visions of a cartoon artist.


Alfred Jarry - The Man With The Ax

A book review.

Published in The Free Press.


“The Life And Death Of Bong-Man”

One large black & white panel. Intricately drawn, sharp political commentary, its a Jim Beoddy classic.

Brain Damage

Jim’s tale of a drug trip gone bad.

In brain damaging color. 23 pages.


An unlikely hero emerges to save the day.

Six pages. The last page is stained in the top left corner.

Can Of Steel

It’s a can. With a cape. And super powers.

One page. Black & White.

Chim’s Pookarama Comix

A collection of comix and commentary by Chimera.

146 pages. Black & White.

Comic Relief

Early Buckethead, Soupcan and Can Of Steel characters.

Published in onCampus at OSU.

Comix Comix

Frumper and Jim have a disagreement about Jim’s comics.

A single page comic.


The tragic story of an artist named Garret.


Danko Daze

Donko faces a frightening challenge.



DARKLIFE wanders through town, his mind on fire.


Flash Point

A classic comic starring Suitcase.

One large black & white comic.

Freeptoon - 2001

Comix published in the Columbus Free Press in 2001.


Freeptoon - 2002

Comix published in the Columbus Free Press in 2002.


Goblinhood 2012

Various exciting adventures with Goblnhood and his pals.

Published in 2008. Black & White. 76 pages.

Goblinhood Zark

Global annihilation, and what to do about it.


Goblinhood’s Comix and Poems

Jim’s epic series of comic books.

These are hosted on Calameo in pdf format.


Jim gets a visit from an impatient Weevil.

A single page comic.


Politics. It’s a scary business.


I, Chimera

Use red-blue (chromatic) 3-D glasses to view these comics.

This is Jim’s masterpiece 3D comic series.

Little Jimmer And Duffo

A bar room encounter

One page.


Two comics and several line drawings.

Seven pages in all. The front cover is in color, the rest are black and white.


An intergalactic, time traveling adventure goes awry.

Eleven pages. Black and while.

Mister Macho

Mr. Macho meets his match.


Moby Strip

The Warlock Of Mars disgraces himself while on parade.


Movie Reviews

Suitcase Doll goes to the movies.


Psychomic Episodes

The tale of Gritman vs Gobzilla.





San Francisco Comix

Join Frumper and Cosmic Weevil Doll on a disappointing road trip.


Scary Political Tales

Proving once again that politics is a dirty business.

One page. Black & White.

Soup Can

Our hero faces a formidable future.

One page. Black & White.

Sparatus Insane

Buckethead tries magic mushrooms.


Star Warts - Part 2

Earth is invaded by aliens led by Darf Weevil.

Twenty pages. Black & White.

Star Warts

Interplanetary travel leads to big adventures.


Subversive Scholastic

Jim’s contributions to this alternative youth magazine.


Superduper Comix

The prelude to the Star Warts series.


The Changing Of The Sentence

Jim confronts his own death sentence.

A graphic short story.

The Columbus Free Press

Jim’s contributions to “The Columbus Free Press” newspaper.

Lots of illustrated stories and a few book reviews too.

The Community Festival

Jim’s contributions to the festival’s publication.


The Crucifiction Of Goblinhood

Goblinhood finally gets what’s coming to him.

View as a series of pdf pages.

The Early Comix Collection

Some of Jim’s early works.

61 strips. Each strip is 4 or 5 panels.

The Fantastic Few

Staring Dr. Feedbag Richards, Jonboy Worm, Bim Din and Zoo.

One page.

The Frumper Room

Jim’s comic series for The Free Press.


The Mystery Of Picasso

Artistic inspiration in Jim’s book review.


The Rites Of Necrotia

The illustrations are by Jim.


The Snot People

It’s a bad day in the salt mine.

A single page comic.

The Underground

Jim contributed to this newsletter, dedicated to the free expression of art.

This is issue AVRIL 1922.

The Zom Weedleman Saga

In an unknown dimension, there is unrelenting violence and a surprise ending

Five pages. Six panels per page.


Has Goblinhod met his match?


Various Comix

A collection of Jim’s comics and drawings.


Wheezer Geezer

He’s gross, smelly and perverted. Yet you can’t look away.

Four pages. Black and white.

Below:  A sample of what’s inside!

Click to see Acid Warriors and more in the Comic Relief section.
Perceptual Terrorists
Retorical Cartoon

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