I, Chimera by James Beoddy

Thanks to Fred Scruton for archiving these works and sharing them with us.

The comics on this page use the anaglyph method to produce the 3D effect.

Use eyeglasses with red-blue colored lenses. Put the blue lens over your right eye.

I, Chimera: Coming Soon - In 3D!

© by Nic Smith


 I, Chimera Episode 1: Great Mysteries of 3-D

© by james beoddy

 Great Mysteries of 3-D, explores the trials and tribulations of James  Beoddy, 3-D artist, genius, recluse and crank in his 15 year journey to  perfect hand drawn anagyphic 3-D.


 I, Chimera, Episode 2: The Mayor of 2013

© by james beoddy

 Episode 2 : The Mayor of 2013, of the exciting I, Chimera 3-D Comix Serial


 I, Chimera Episode 3: Stange Secrets of Project Oberon Revealed

© by james beoddy

 Delve deep into the mind of the artist as he considers the origin myth  of Project Oberon and the early twinkle in the eye of the artist, that  is Chimera (Chim to her friends). Guest narrated by Bufo, yeah Bufo.


 I, Chimera Episode 4: A Daring 3-D Rescue Operation

© by james beoddy

 Another transfiguring Scanner episode. Real action , moral dilemmas and outright heroic action.


 I, Chimera Episode 5: Chim-Panzee

© by james beoddy

 More scary tales of life as a developing artist in small town Ohio.

And what happens when Jack The Ripper visits next door.


 I, Chimera Episode 6: Is the Pot Half-Cracked or Half-Whole?

© by james beoddy

 Journey though the cluttered mind and thoughts of James Beoddy as the  attempts to make sense of his life, loves, family relationships and 3-D  artwork.


 I, Chimera Episode 7: Galactic Pot Healer

© by james beoddy

 More hilarity and frivolity ensue in this Episode of I, Chimera.


 I, Chimera Episode 8:I Can't believe it's not Ribbonhell

©  by james beoddy

Follow the mental contortions of the author as he tries to explain away  his inability to meet simple deadlines and produce comics which actually have plots and involve something close to an actual narrative arc.  Sticklers for traditional story-telling will be greatly disappointed.


 I, Chimera Episode 9: 3 Letters Short of a Buffoon

© by james beoddy

 A fascinating episode narrated by Bufo, the secret origins of Project Oberon.


 I, Chimera Episode 10: The 10th Episode

© by james beoddy

 The fabulous 10th episode, shamanic action included.


 I, Chimera Episode 11: Waiting for Chim-Her

© by james beoddy

 Another horror inspired Chum narrated episode includes the Masonic Ham and the Venus of Willendorf.


 I, Chimera Episode 12: Heads and Tales

© by james beoddy

 Shakespeare, Oberon and more Tales from Scanner....are we there yet? Yes almost kids, the pay-off is nigh.


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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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