Jim Beoddy’s Black & White Comix





A Martian Maze

A real maze. Like the ones on the back of the paper placemat. Only sadder. Work it, to see what I mean.

A Salute To A Great Artist

22 pages of classic Jim Beoddy. Buckle your seat belt.


This wonderfully intricate work was published in the summer of 1982 in the Washington Post-Mortem /  D.C. Hippie.


An unlikely hero emerges to save the day.

Can Of Steel

The Can Of Steel’s super powers answer many questions.

Chim’s Pookarama Comix

A 146 page collection of comix, stories and musings by Chim.

Comic Relief

These comics were published at The Ohio State University.

Comix From The Community Festival

Greg Maynard called him the “trump card” of the festival.

Flash Point

Jim’s contribution to a publication dedicated to strengthening the progressive cultural movement in Columbus, Ohio.

Goblinhood 2012

Various adventures with Goblinhood and his entourage.

I, Chimera

Jim’s epic series of 3-D comix. Use your red-blue lensed glasses.

Jimmer And Duffo

A bar room encounter


Two comics and several line drawings. 7 pages.


An intergalactic, time traveling adventure goes awry.

Moby Strip

The Warlock Of Mars disgraces himself while on parade.

Psychomic Espisodes

The tale of Gritman vs Gobzilla.

Rites Of Necrotia

The illustrations are by Jim.

Scary Political Tales

The ugly underbelly of US politics is exposed.

Star Warts - Part 2

The sequel to Star Warts. This is uncolored. 20 pages.

Subversive Scholastic

Jim’s contributions to this alternative youth magazine.

The Early Comix Collection

Some of Jim’s early work. 61 strips. Each strip is 4 or 5 panels.

The Fantastic Few

Staring Dr. Feedbag Richards, Jonboy Worm, Bim Din and Zoo.

The Underground

Jim contributed to this newsletter, dedicated to the free expression of art.

Various Comix

A collection of Jim’s comics and drawings from Michael Kehlmeier.

Wheezer Geezer

He’s gross, smelly and perverted. Yet you can’t look away.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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