Joannah Vark And The Seahorse

Joannah Vark And The Seahorse

"At this point my feet were swelling and the radiation was over. I had blood clots in my legs and I began a struggle with the doctor between giving myself injections and taking pills. Eventually, I won that struggle, but it wore me out. The painting takes a darker turn because of this. Moby Foot, an image in the painting, represents my swollen feet. But there is a storyline inside the painting. The little mining town doesn't know what to do when its operation goes bust. So, they rented the mine to the miillitary, which developed a giant foot that could stomp the enemy out. But, of course, the foot got loose and went on a rampage. The military, who designed it to be indestructible, said "This is your problem" and left. What could the town do except cordon-off the foot's favorite haunts and turn itself into a tourist trap called "Moby Foot Land". "Come see the giant foot before it comes for you!"

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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