The Epic Pastel Series

The introduction and the comments at the bottom of the drawings, are from an interview Jim did with Michael Kehlmeier. At the time, they were preparing for Jim’s exhibition at The Vanderelli Room, Columbus, Ohio.


I was fascinated with transgender theories since childhood. In 2006, I began a series of paintings about those themes, which I called “Project Oberon”.

In 2010, I began writing one of the characters as a virtual being named Chimera, or Chim.

Like with my other character, Goblinhood, Chim and I became close friends. In 2011, I offered Chim my left hand to draw with, since I didn’t use it. She jumped at the chance.

In 2013, after a cancer-unrelated hospital stay, I quit smoking after 50 years, specifically to give Chim a chance to do more art, which I found fascinating. And it was a love offering. Another one.

We planned a huge pastel series for 2015, but then I got diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s the series anyway.

The Golden Bridge

Carney Barker

Tasty Dragon City Snack

The Passion Of Weeping Willie

Tarot Strength And The Star With Pie


The Glimmer Twins

The Golden Glister

Carrot Cake, Patty Quake or The Last Days Of Stunned City

Catbird Dog

The Rabgbit Ward or No Dark Scanner In A Hardroomadinga

The Harvest Of Masks or Pro Wrecking Crew, Free Estimate, Call Pookie Town 777

Nativity Chim or Bighelmet, Little Duck

Joannah Vark And The Seahorse

The Action Faction

Beyond "Aarat" or Fairground or Fair Ground

From The Dog Star

Unless or Until The Right Consortium For You

The Dogs Of Mars

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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