From Michael Keihmeier: In June 1989, James Beoddy finished another masterpiece, "Millenium", the best example of his Network Realism style. Figures in the foreground are enlarged and show up as ghost images under the background painting. The work caused quite a stir and was even censored by one Ohio City.
From David Greene: This was part of a show, curated by Leslie Constable, held at the OSU Newark campus circa late 80's early 90's. Another notable painting included in the show was Beoddy's Inferno. While Millennium has graphic imagery, you have to look closely for it. Beoddy's Inferno is much more overtly graphic, or "Transgressive" as Jim took to saying in reference to his work. The Newark audience n general was sharply divided, complaints were made, and an inquiry was held. If you look closely through the illustrations/collage that accompanies the poem "Rabbit Tobacco", you'll find smippets of comments from that show, and ensuing newspaper coverage scatted throughout the work. (Start on page 32)
From Michael Kehlmeier: The piece received national attention when it was featured in a show displaying censored artwork in Alaska. It is one of Beoddyy's greatest contributions to the art world.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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