Michael Keilmeier gives us these insights: "And then, Beoddy became a father. Of course he would document this monumental moment with a painting. "Creation" depicts the birth of his daughter, Canvas, in his amazing, creative style. Human organs merge w/space, the mother of his child, and other Beoddisms to create a stunning tribute not only to childbirth, but to life itself."

BHD/Gritman notes "...As usual, there is a large self-portrait hidden in the background sky, echoing the clearly depicted one in the left front. To find the "hidden" portrait, just follow the DNA chain to the left of the Father/Daughtr portrayal. The DNA chain itself follows the right cheek bone, and terminates just under the right eye of the hidden face. Oftertimes in Jim's work, subjects and images that are clearly portrayed (what I call the "Surface Images") are reproduced at varying scale, sometimes repeatedly, in the background in the "Hidden" mode. And/or in a surrealistic interpretation thereof, thrown in for good measure. ("Martian Gothic" and "Millennium" have very clear examples of that.)"

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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