A Bugbear In Sodom

A Bugbear In Sodom

David Greene (BHD/Gritman (or "Grits" as Big Jim once called me) explains: A Bugbear In Sodom is another example of Jim's "Network Realism" painting technique.  The structure of this painting is filled with images around a common theme. Figures in the foreground are enlarged and show up as ghost images underneath the background painting. A BugBear In Sodom is unfinished, and is the middle section of an unfinished tryptic that predated Martian Gothic, but was revived after Martian Gothic was completed and was a work in progress until the time he moved to Mansfield. I think he stopped work on it at that time. It's kind of an updated answer to "Beoddy's Inferno". He wanted to include all the "transgressive" images he could, sexual as well as violent. A big section deals with the hanging of the Lincoln Conspirators, others with torture, S&M, and other forms of "perverted" sex. he was embarrassed by the subject matter of the painting, but couldn't bring hmself to stop working on it, at the time. He felt it would never meet the public eye, at least not in his lifetime.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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