Goblinhood Satyricon

A novel by James Boeddy

Read by Goblinhood

Goblinhood Satyricon Poster

Tape One

(Contains a Goblinhood intro in which Goblinhood accidentally calls “The Spiders Of Sodom” “A Bugbear In Sodom” - and then talks about mistakes in the novel!)

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Two

Starts with end of mouse death & goes almost exactly to creation of Smiley.

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Three

Goes from the creation of Smiley to early in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Four

From The Cuban Missile Crisis through Matricide & Spider Day to a news item about Shogun Squirrel.

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Five

(Includes the explanation of sexual “St. Cloudism”.)

This tape starts with the above and ends with St. Cloud’s porch talk (in progress) about “God”.

1 hour 33 minutes

Tape Six

(Includes the explanation of sexual “St. Cloudism”.)

From St. Cloud’s Chapter (latter part) in which he mentions Newark/special yard-shooting channel, etc. (And Goblinhood, reading, “Stages Of Decompostion”, leaving out the “De”). Goes to the middle of oral thing with Bella and the middle of “The Satanic AmeriFlora Rabbit Tobacco Story”.

1 hour 33 minutes

Tape Seven

Ends with part of the first page of part two.

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Eight

World State. St. Cloud / War Crimes. Creation of Sigil and discussion of Harmlessness

(Note: Goblinhood misreads his own golden rule on tape. It should be “And don’t do nothing, either” etc.)

Rape / Spiders / Magic to Middle of Lori

1 hour 33 minutes

Tape Nine

Tricksters. Oleg. Day in the Life. Martian Shrink. L’envoi. Artist’s Statement. Martian cannibalism.

1 hour 31 minutes

Tape Ten

Mars / HP Lovecraft continued. The case of the “Trouble In Paradise” mystery. Hinges. Ends in the middle of “Family Matters”.

1 hour 31 minutes

Tape Eleven

More hinging around. Cracking the case. To the Star Trek fest.

Tape glitch: Goblinhood misreads Edward Everet Hale as “Edward Everet Sloane”.

1 hour 31 minutes

Tape Twelve

Trekfest. Funny Vlad Goblinhood & MG converse. Metroguide. Mr. Big. Love letters.

1 hour 31 minutes

Tape Thirteen

Mostly Jimbo’s civic lesson and early skeleton dreams. Mandra Gora remembers sex (in part).

1 hour 31 minutes

Tape Fourteen

MG loves MG. Ancestry. “The Revelation Of St. Gob of the Ichor” to The Gobs Great Blunder.

1 hour 34 minutes

Tape Fifteen

Goblinhood Satyricon ends at 36 minutes 10 seconds. He includes a post script.

This is the conclusion to Goblinhood Satyricon by James Beoddy. with brief commentary.

Unforgetable neck-glitch is where, between the last two chapters in typescript, Gob’s head falls both to ground & to his “bloddy stump” (like the “2 Christs!”) (Actually no - it means the bloddy neck stump of his head.)

But here’s a tape / reading glitch: Goblinhood (narrating) mispronounces “Ex-Lax”.

Starting at 46 minutes, Jim reads his story “Picalilly And Death Perception In The Muffin Realm”.

Also with brief commentary.

One hour 31 minutes

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