Chim’s ComFest Rehearsal and Bonus Poetry

Chimera and Goblinhood practice for ComFest 2012 on side one.

The second side contains several of Jim’s poems, read by Goblinhood.

1 hour 35 minutes

Table Of Contents

Side One

00:00 Opening comments then the start of the rehearsal for ComFest 2012.

05:15 The poem “Israfelā” by Edgar Allan Poe. Read by Chim.

11:00 Jim’s poem “Citizen Pain” (1982).

16:15 Jim’s poem “The Silent Sticks And Stones”.

22:45 A duet with Chim and Goblinhood reading “Attila The Piga’ and then the end of the show.

28:40 Jim comments on his expectations for his performance. He talks about  his character’s intentions, the difficulties of singing in multiple character voices, the reasons he included some pieces and not others.  And sadly, he speaks of his failing health.

45:00 Bonus Poetry begins with a duet. Chim and Goblinhood read Jim’s poem “Glass Organs”.

65:00 Jim’s poem “Rabbit Tobacco”; read by Goblinhood.

79:05 Goblinhood reads another of Jim’s poems, “The El Dorado March: A Conquistador Concerto”.

83:00 Goblinhood comments about the show, his cassette recorder, Reeva,  mass media, stuff.

91:27 The neighbors get into a shouting match. Jim takes cover in another room.

93:00 Goblinhood talks about importance of archiving Jim’s work.

ComFest Rehearsal cassette label

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