David Greene explains: "Synchronopelis" (1988-89).

Another example of Beoddy's Network Realism style. Painted before "Millenium", this work introduces us to Goblinhood for the first time. The character, in his early form Elevator Man, appears in the bottom, entering the Star Club with the Amazing Suitcase Doll and the Acid Warriors.

The piece is unfinished, as you can see by the hand reaching in at the top. This area is a road map for how Jim laid out his paintings. Large versions of main images are under painted, one on top of the other, and then filled in with the "surface image", while still showing through as highlights and areas of contrast.

If you look under the red figure on the bridge, you can see where he has laid out two self-portraits of different size. The red figure's left foot is standing in the upper lip of the main self-portrait, the fingertips of the hand (top left) are laid over the left eye of that image. And the eye from another is found at the top of the green triangle, mid-center.
The large images, including self-portraits, are then reproduced in smaller, clearer forms (and their permutations) as the main or "surface" image.

The gold house in the lower left are probablly images of him and his family.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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