Jim Beoddy’s Color Comix





A Pie For A Guy

The Cosmic Weevil Doll has a surprise for Governor Rhodes.

Acid Tunes

Psychedelic visions of a cartoon artist.

Brain Damage Comix

Jim’s tale of a bad drug trip.

Comix Comix

Frumper and Jim have a disagreement about Jim’s comics.


The tragic story of an artist named Garret.


DARKLIFE wanders aimlessly through town, his mind on fire.

Donko Daze

Donko faces a frightening challenge.


Jim gets a visit from an impatient Weevil.

Mr. Macho

Mr. Macho meets his match.

San Francisco Comix

A disappointing road trip for Frumper and Cosmic Weevil Doll.

Spartacus Insane

Buckethead tries magic mushrooms.

Star Warts - Part 2

Earth is invaded by aliens led by Darf Weevil.

Star Warts or A Gathering Of Weevils

Interplanetary travel leads to big adventures.

Superduper Comix

Prelude to the Star Warts series.

The Changing Of The Sentence

A short story. Jim confronts his own death sentence.

The Snot People

It’s a bad day in the salt mine.

The Zom Weedleman Saga

In an unknown dimension, there is unrelenting violence and a surprise ending.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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