Personal Letters by James Beoddy






Jim ran a classified ad in The Columbus Free Press to announce the birth of his daughter.

Beoddy’s Christmas Response

Miscellaneous illustrations and a Christmas card for Julia.

David Greene

Jim pens a character reference letter about David Greene.

Fred Scruton

Jim discusses the work that Fred is doing to archive and display Jim’s artwork.


A request for Gritman to sign a video release form and his thoughts about a professional relationship with Fred Scruton.


Jim sends some pencil sketches and love.

Mikhail Gorbachev

Jim shares his thoughts with a former President and General Secretary of the Soviet Union.

Happy Birthday

Birthday well wishes and an update about his comix works in progress are sent to the Head Honcho at Acme Art Co.

Northland Community Center

This is a document that details the mission, members and founding principles of the Northland Community Center.

Jessie Helms

Jim wrote to Senator Jesse Helms concerning censorship of art.

Heavy Metal Magazine

This is Jim’s hand written letter to the editors of Heavy Metal magazine.

To-Do List

Jim got organized and made a To-Do List.

Mr. Dick

Jim writes a letter to the American author Philip K. Dick.

The Columbus Free Press

“Respect The Mask” Jim says in a letter to the editorial staff.

Thomas Beoddy

This is a hand written personal letter to his brother.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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