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A promotional publication by The Acme Art Co.- February 1984 and September 1994 issues are posted.

Bonnie Auletta

A student reports on a visit to Jim’s studio.

Columbus Dispatch

Jim’s art exhibit at the Doo-Wac Gallery is one of the best of 1991.

Columbus Free Press

Links to archived articles from The Columbus Free Press.

Community Festival

A tribute to Jim’s legacy at the Columbus Community Festival.

Discover Downtown

Jim’s art exhibition at ACME Art Co was promoted in this newspaper.

Espreet Decor

Read Jim’s guestbook and see a video tour from his last art exhibition and public performance.

Layers Of Complexity

A review in the publication Columbus Art,  by Alan Govenar.

Nightmares Of The Yesterday People

A review in The Columbus Free Press of Jim’s “Nightmares Of The Yesterday People”, by Paul Volker.

Northend Community Center

An announcement of the awarding of grant money to Jim, to paint a mural at the Northend Community Center. And an magazine article from “Living Single” about the community center’s activities.

Nova Day / The Astronauts’ Last Supper

A review of one of Jim’s Bathroom Art Projects at the ACME Art Co.

NPN Program

The program from the 9th Annual National Performance Network Conference. Jim performed “Rabbit Tobacco”.

Ohio State Fair

Jim’s listing in the program for the fine arts exhibition at the Ohio State Fair in 1991,

Ohio State University Lantern

A photograph from a performance of “The Crucifiction Of Goblinhood”.

Out Of The Hospital And Off The Street

Two reviews of an art exhibition by Jim Beoddy and Charles Wince.

Seeing Red White Or Blue: Censored In The USA

The announcement of the acceptance of Jim’s art in a symposium about censorship. And excerpts from the exhibition’s program.

The Booster

An announcement concerning the premier of Jim’s mural at the Northend Community Center.

The Last Supper

Goblinhood joins an Acme Art Co. reunion at The Tool Box.

Weekly World News

Satirical news coverage of Goblinhood’s meeting with Ross Perot.


I sing The Great Beoddy, his glories and his fame;

Let’s n’er forget the hell it took

To make “The Great” his name.

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Photographs of Jim’s paintings are by Fred Scruton Photography.



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